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DHS students can participate in programs that offer students the opportunity to follow a liberal arts curriculum recognized by many colleges and universities. The Jazz Choir Combo is an ensemble that performs at the Santa Barbara County Music Festival and performs in winter and spring concerts. We are also asked to record songs in a professional studio in Santa Barbara to use for our spring and summer concert series.

Visit the M Special Brewing Company for a taste of a beer made by local insider Joshua Ellis. To get a taste of Goleta, buy a bottle or two of her delicious beer or wine and find them at your local farmers market.

Goleta is a local insider and is topped with locally grown avocados and a slice of her beloved wood - burnt pizza and boastful. There is no swagger, but both Santa Barbara and Goletsa specialize in their own specialties, such as their local beer and wine.

Follow the recipe for the perfect day: soak up the sun, catch a wave at Campus Point, or head to the beach for a picnic at Santa Barbara Beach Club.

When the parking lot is full, continue on Pacific Oaks Road and search for parking space there and in the surrounding neighborhoods. To get to Girsh Park, take Highway 101 southbound, turn south toward the sea and then turn right onto Phelps Road. Follow Storke Road or choose the free parking on the right hand side of the road at the corner of Phelps Drive and Pacific Oak Drive and then turn right onto Phelps Road.

If you want to hit the greens, the course with sea and mountain views is your happy place and one of the most scenic golf courses in the area.

Local education continues in the adjacent South Coast Railroad Museum, housed in the Goleta Station building from 1901. Learn more about the natural ecosystem on the guided Goletsa Wildlife History Tour and continue your local education with a guided Refugio Kayak Tours. The Santa Barbara County Parks and Recreation Department and Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department offer guided kayaking tours along the San Luis Obispo River and its tributaries. With crashing waves and stunning ocean views, you can feel at home in less than an hour at Go lettea Pier or Goletta Beach Park.

The 12.5-acre farm was founded in 1895 and is considered one of the oldest in Santa Barbara County and the second oldest in the United States. Located in an area known as El Encanto Heights, and used by the US Army Corps of Engineers for over 100 years, it served as a training facility for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Bryan Fernandez remained unbeaten in 2016, winning the CIF Southern Section title to keep pace with the District League titles. Under Cole Smith, the team finished second and third in the Santa Cruz Valley League in 2015, winning its first-ever national title for the second year in a row. The marching band delivered the second-best performance in school history, behind fourth-place Santa Barbara High School.

Dos Pueblos beat rivals San Marcos and Santa Barbara to win his first title - ever - and the team celebrated the 25th anniversary of the championship. The Orange County team came first in a very tough field, while the Los Angeles team came third in another close contest. In addition to the national championship, the Santa Cruz Valley League team, Santa Maria High School, also received first place in its division, along with San Luis Obispo and Freeportes High Schools.

The weekend was capped off with a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Goleta football in the Santa Cruz Valley League. Four people were presented with player shirts that they had signed for their extremely valuable contributions to football in Santa Barbara County and to the community in general.

The players on the team were Chuck, Adam and Jose, and it consisted of four players from Goleta High School football team and one player from Santa Barbara High.

Before coming to Westmont, Smith owned and operated Santa Barbara WebSmith for four years. During his 15 years at Westmonks, he helped develop the services of the Sports Information Bureau.

Girsh Park Multi - Sports Field is furnished as a multi-use football field with two full-size football fields and two 10-size football fields. The full-size football field, lined with four football nets and one - smartly two - 10 football fields, which runs along the width of the main field.

More About Goleta

More About Goleta