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Goleta is a light-hearted working class town, attracted by its proximity to Santa Barbara County, California, and its beautiful beaches.

Santa Barbara, our relaxed neighbor to the north, is also home to the University of California, but you can't visit its headquarters. Goleta is famous for its beloved wood-burning oven - pizzas and their delicious, fresh and affordable food. Find a local farmers market and get salad dressings, oils and amino acids from local grocers, including sprouts, lasagne's. To get a taste of Goletsa, you can shop at one of our local grocery stores or shop online at our website.

Visit M - Special Brewing Company for a beer from local insider Joshua Ellis and a variety of other beers from local breweries.

Local Insider: Goleta is topped with locally grown avocados, but this is not bragging, it's bragging! The local hot dog connoisseur conjures up a variety of hot dogs, from pulled pork to pork ribs, to name just a few of the wilder toppings on offer.

Camino Real hosts the town's certified farmers market, with over 45 merchants and entertainment venues. The beer from the illustrator company Ale Works combines a variety of local food and drinks and combines it with the best of Goleta's craft beer scene.

The ranch, the house, the garden and the museum are operated by the Goleta Historical Society and are open for guided tours on weekends. The winery is open for tastings on Thursdays and for tastings on Fridays and Saturdays. Perform as a cultural adventurer or history buff and visit attractions such as the Santa Barbara County Courthouse and the California State Capitol.

Brophy Brothers, a fishmonger based in Santa Barbara and Goleta, specializes in seafood, oysters, crabs, shrimp, tuna and other seafood. Try a small artisanal spirit at the Cider Co. of Santa Barbara, which distills, bottles and distributes small batches of craft beer, wine and spirits. Except for some specialties like wine, beer and wine glasses, you can do everything in one place.

The 12.5-acre farm was founded in 1895 and is considered one of the oldest in Santa Barbara County and the second oldest in the state. Pioneer families - farms like this one are called "beers," and were founded by the pioneering family of California's first farm - to bring restaurants to the table.

Goleta's retail landscape is full of local mom-and-pop shops, but one store you won't find anywhere else in Santa Barbara County is the Deckers Brand Showcase, located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in Old Town Goletsa. It is one of the oldest family-run shops in the area and offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories, as well as accessories for men, women, children and pets. In the old town of Goletas there are a number of small, family-run shops that focus on craft beer and wine.

Goleta Pier in Goletsa Beach Park is home to the rushing waves of the Santa Barbara River, as well as a variety of restaurants, shops and restaurants with a deep-rooted commitment to organic farming. Learn more about the natural ecosystem on the guided Goletta Wildlife History Tour or Refugio Kayak Tours, led by local kayaker and instructor Dr. John D'Angelo. This self-guided tour through the natural history and history of Go Lette offers a unique insight into the history of our native wildlife, from its origins to its current state.

Speaking of hot dogs, Dave's Dogs' Turnpike is a must - if you're heading to the Goleta area, make sure you stop. If you're hungry for water, you should also look for Dave's to enjoy a loaded dog that, according to local insider Dave Reynoso, no one else in Goletsa could imagine.

Local education continues in the adjacent South Coast Railroad Museum, housed in the Goleta Station building from 1901. For a great tour of the area, rent a bike or opt for a ride on the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department bike path, then visit the Museum of Southern California Railroads and Goletsa County Museum.

Beer has long been at the heart of Goleta's culinary scene, as evidenced by the city's upscale restaurants such as the beer garden, bistro bar & grill. At the other end of the spectrum, some of the city's hotels serve the finest dining experiences.

More About Goleta

More About Goleta