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In this series I imagine an organism that is able to survive for thousands of years and shed light on the resistance of our planet to human intervention. With this picture I make a statement about the changing world and our role in it. As an artist, I feel the need to capture the environmental degradation that continues to plague us as our mountains, deserts and coasts are ravaged by fire and erosion. This prompts me to ask how we can find a place where a balance between technology and nature can be found.

As my work evolves and takes on more and more layers, I explore organic and floating forms interwoven with geometric layers. This work is a reflection that describes the asymmetry that is found in the dynamic forces of nature and my desire to connect with the earth in a more sustainable way. I explore balance by examining the patterns of my environment and creating equivalence on both sides of the canvas.

I like to think that these geometric abstractions are ultimately a synthesis of freedom, female energy and intolerance, and I like that because I think that they ultimately represent the synthesis and freedom of female energies in intimacy.

This bold and colourful painting explores the relationship between the female and male energy of the human body and its relationship to the environment. The layers of paint form a cloud pattern of light that flows through the image and conveys a sense of peace, peace of mind and peace in the face of conflict and conflict. Order, symmetry and geometry are strongly balanced by the vibrant colours of colour and light, as well as the contrast between light and dark, the colour of life.

This gives me the opportunity not only to absorb nature, but also to actually feel its rhythm and the change of seasons and the change of colors from light to dark.

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From observation, one can see and feel the bubbling, steaming form of the ever-changing landscape of the Goleta Valley, from the water to the mountains and back again.

Kerrie is the founder and director of Goleta California Art, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit arts organization that was privately founded and continues to curate for developmentally disabled youth and adults in the learning space. She has also created and used an art curriculum approved by the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission for at-risk and developmentally disabled youth / adults, Hope for the Future, which she co-founded.

As a theatre designer, Kerrie has worked with artists such as David Fincher, Richard Dreyfus and Howard Zinn, among many others.

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More About Goleta